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EAC Valuations LLC

EAC Valuations is a multi-disciplined appraisal firm purchased by Frank Merenda in 2007.  We utilize our extensive chemical industry experience and expertise to provide appraisals for varied manufacturing companies around the world.

EAC Valuations (formerly Enterprise Appraisal Company) has provided in-depth and trusted appraisals and valuation reports since 1971.  Located 20 miles northwest of Philadelphia, near Valley Forge, our assignments have taken us around the world, and next-door. We have completed more than 10,000 appraisals for clients ranging from multi-national, multi-billion dollar Fortune 100 companies and financial institutions, to privately held local manufacturing and services companies.  Our highly qualified, certified and experienced appraisers can exceed expectations for a wide range of appraisal needs meeting IRS, FASB, IFRS, USPAP, and FIRREA requirements, encompassing appraisals of industrial and commercial real estate, machinery & equipment, intangible assets, and complete business enterprise valuations.

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